sneaky promos this chick and all her goddamn PUNS

Ustrina is just a sky puppy ok



I didn’t know this would happen! 

Welp. The result is freakin’ gorgeous. I hate this.

sonofhulk ;  
It's NOT what you think

Mhm. Aaaaaand what should I think this is, exactly?

Well, that came back t’bite you in the ass, huh.


" A man dressed in spandex?"

"Yeah that’s a very rare occurrence."

"Actually I was—talkin’ about the dude dressed like Hamburglar trying t’get away there," And she jerks a thumb behind her, calm as can be. "Hamburglar. Why do thieves wear the most obvious get ups? Anyway—”


[ :| ]

No ‘m not ‘m a scientist too—


—Scientist or no, you’re still an idiot. If you need the proof, I have almost fourteen years worth of your flailings as proof.



It’s good to see your sense of humor hasn’t been lost in this tragedy.

I think in some cases my sense of humour is the tragedy.

—Thank you, by the way. For the card. And dick drawing.


Looking for this?


[She holds up a phone by its corner.]

Where did you find this? Never fuckin’ mind, thank God you found it. Thank you—

//boops hello 8}

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cranesofseneca cinderdrilla

you brought me to this 

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//rin and daisy 8|

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[whispers into the wind] sam/poppy?
If they had a kid meme
  • Name: grace shannon drake
  • Gender: female
  • General Appearance: she’s essentially a tiny version of her mother, except with sam’s bright blue eyes. she’s tall, as per sam’s genes, and has the same goofy smirk as her daddy. she’s compared a lot to bubbles from the powerpuff girls, and has no complaints about it.
  • Personality: extremely determined. e x t r e m e l y. she’s as driven as sam is, and isn’t as shy as her mother when it comes to something she wants. she idolizes people easily, her confidence in someone she trusts entirely (her parents, for example) doesn’t waver. she doesn’t like being miserable. she does have days where the smile is harder to keep, but, she has never let something upset her for long. 
  • Special Talents: her mutation is the same as sam’s, though she’s got an additional twist. where sam can ice up, grace can turn herself to mist, and vanish and re-materialize elsewhere. problem is, she can’t control it that well…
  • Who they like better: she’s a bit of a momma’s girl~
  • Who they take after more: sam, definitely.
  • Personal Headcanon: she has a habit of misting away at the worst times. worst times. her mutation didn’t surface until she was twelve and a boy tried to kiss her, to which she yelped and poof—misted away. needless to say it took a while to calm her down, and her parents were equally as worried about her re-materializing without a limb, sustaining blood loss etc etc. now she’s older, she can do it with ease—but not consistently